Stunning Landing Page For Event Registration

  • We help to create the great landing page which fit your event
  • Attendee registration form with online payment system
  • Secure log in for attendee to enter virtual space
Give The Attendee In Person Conference Experience With Lobby Area

  • Welcome the attendee with Great effective 3D Lobby area
  • Lobby area enriched with sponsors Space, Exhibitors entrance, Auditorium, Help desk to guide attendee
  • Poster presentation area
Live Streams Sessions

  • Easily stream event session.
  • Recorded sessions.
Real Time Notification

  • Keep informing attendee during the live streaming regarding session information, changes breaks and more
Real time Chat

  • Connect attendee with speaker to get in person conference experience, Organisers, booth operators connect with attendee for more engagement and to answer questions.
Q A & Poll Tool

  • Educate audience through interactive Q A sessions Take feedback for more effective audience engagement through polls
Virtual booth and expo

  • Effective and simple content management for sponsors,exhibitors,Easy Upload brochure,interactive videos.

ConSoft in use